How Does Yabazam Work?

The above movie explains the basics of Yabazam . If you want to enjoy the full color, high definition , 3D photos and movies available here, make sure you have a 3D-ready laptop, monitor, or TV. Next, all 3D content on this site is saved in TriDef format, which means that you'll need to use the TriDef 3D Media Player to view the sample photos and watch the trailers & movies. If you have an Acer 3D laptop, the TriDef software is pre-loaded so you're ready to start enjoying Yabazam. If you're using a different 3D product, then you'll need to install the latest version of TriDef 3D by going here. Once you have your 3D product with TriDef software, then feel free to start downloading sample 3D photos and 3D trailers. When you're ready to watch more than just a trailer, buy a 3D movie, download it, and enjoy!

Please visit the FAQ section for further details about Yabazam.