Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

First, you need a 3D display. There are dozens of 3D consumer products out there and Yabazam movies can be viewed on almost all of them. Companies like Samsung, LG, and Sony make fantastic 3D notebooks, TVs, and monitors and all support the viewing of Yabazam movies.

Second, you'll need the TriDef 3D Media Player to view the 3D content. Most likely you already have this application, since it comes pre-loaded or bundled with almost 90% of 3D PC products sold worldwide. If you don’t have it, just follow the link at the bottom of this page to download and install.

Third, you’ll need some great 3D content. To test your setup, go to a movie page on Yabazam and download a sample 3D photo or 3D trailer. If you can view it correctly on your 3D display using the TriDef 3D Media Player, then you’re ready to purchase a full movie. After adding a 3D movie to your cart and completing the checkout process, you’ll be provided with a download link for the full movie. The purchased movie will be available for download for 14 days, so be sure to download it within that time. Once the movie has been successfully downloaded onto your computer, simply double-click the file, put on your 3D glasses, and enjoy the experience.

Do I really need a 3D display?

If you want to view Yabazam’s 3D content in full-color, yes, you’ll need a 3D display. Depending on the manufacturer, the 3D display may be called “3D-ready” or “3D-capable” but both those descriptions mean that the monitor or TV supports the viewing of 3D content in full color.

The only way you can watch Yabazam’s 3D content on a regular 2D monitor or TV is by using colored glasses, such as the red & cyan ones (called anaglyph). Yabazam isn’t a fan of this type of viewing because you lose so much of the color information, but if you’re really into the retro feel of 1950’s 3D, then switch your TriDef 3D Media Player into “Colored Glasses” mode, put on your anaglyph glasses, and you’ll be able to view 3D on a 2D display.

What actually is Yabazam?

Yabazam is the first place in the world to offer digital full-color 3D HD movies for viewing on the latest 3D consumer products. This site is designed to offer visitors a fun way to experience 3D by providing free 3D trailers and by offering a range of 3D movies for purchase. Yabazam was created by global 3D technology company, DDD, as a way to feed their customers’ demand for quality 3D content. This site is currently run out of DDD’s Los Angeles, California office.

How long does it take to download a 3D movie?

It depends on the length of the movie. For example, if you have a 3Mbps internet connection, then it will take about 3 minutes to download a 1 minute 3D trailer and about 2 hours to download a 40 minute movie.

How soon can I download the content after I buy it?

Immediately after placing your order, a confirmation page will appear and your download links will be listed. If you cancel the download or close your web browser before you see the link, you can always log into your Yabazam account by clicking on “My Account,” providing your email and password, and then you'll have access to your current download links.

I still can't find my movie download links. Where exactly are they?

1. Log into "My Account"
2. Under "My Orders" section, click "Review orders / track packages"
3. At the bottom of the page in the "My Movies" section, your download links will appear

If your "My Movies" section is not visible, then try using a different web browser. For example, if you're currently using Internet Explorer, then try using the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser instead.

If you still can't find your download links, please contact

I don’t want to download the movie; can you just mail it to me?

Yes, most definitely. We realize that not everyone with a 3D product has a high speed internet connection and spending many hours to download a 3D movie may be unacceptable. That's why we offer an option during checkout to have a backup of the 3D movie sent to you on DVD. That way you can simply copy the file from the DVD to your computer and not worry about having to download the movie.

What if I accidentally deleted the movie; can I download it again?

If your movie got deleted and it's been within 14 days since you purchased the content, you can log into your Yabazam account and request to have a new download link provided. You'll then be able to download the entire movie again. However, if 14 days have passed since you purchased the content, you will not be able to re-download the movie. Since files can get lost due to unforeseen events, we encourage you to either backup your movie file to an external drive or order a DVD backup at time of purchase.

What if the movie isn’t that great; can I get a refund?

No. Prior to purchasing a 3D movie, we encourage you to first download and view the free 3D photo samples and trailer, so you can get a taste of the quality and style of the content. Reading viewer comments is also a good way to determine whether you're going to like the movie.

I’m having a problem with my TriDef 3D Media Player; who do I contact?

The best place to check first is The TriDef website explains software features, provides answers to frequently asked questions, and has a form where questions can be submitted. The TriDef Support department is located in Perth, Australia, and they'll provide a response within 24 hours during the week. If the matter is extremely urgent, you can also try contacting We mainly deal with 3D content issues, but we'll do our best to help with your TriDef softtware question.