With over 100 titles available, Yabazam has become the most popular app in the world for watching high quality independently-produced 3D content. We're committed to bringing professionally made 3D shorts, ride films and TV shows direct to the consumer's TV and mobile devices. We're aggressively growing Yabazam by expanding onto new platforms, improving the user experience and by adding multi language support, and we'd love to add your 3D programs!

If you have compelling high definition 3D content that you'd like to have distributed by Yabazam, please contact us. We offer a revenue share model that covers digital distribution for our TVOD and SVOD platforms. This is typically how our content evaluation process goes:

  1. First, we'd like to view a 2D version of your content.
  2. If we like it, we'll sign a Clip License so we can receive the 3D version from you. The agreement will give you peace of mind that we're only going to evaluate your content.
  3. If all looks good after reviewing your 3D version, then we'll sign the 3D Distribution Agreement.
  4. After encoding your content and making a trailer (if needed), your 3D movie will become available on Yabazam for streaming to 3D TVs and 3D mobile devices. You'll then begin receiving quarterly reports, showing viewing and purchasing stats.

To get your wonderful 3D movies on Yabazam, contact us at distribution@yabazam.com