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Come Coco Elephants Dream Facing Champlain
Coming Soon!

A young girl embarks on a quest in pursuit of a turtle.

The story of two strange characters exploring an erratic and seemingly infinite machine.

Artist Mélissa Hébert, a fictional descendant of the first colonist in New France, is commissioned to paint a portrait of Samuel de Champlain, explorer and founder of Quebec City.

Fairy Tale Cookery Chronicles Forget-Me-Not Hooked

The wolves have found a delicious berry growing deep in the forest that’s just more than nutritious.

Award-winning French film about a man who returns to his childhood home and encounters a strange figure from his past.

Little does a fisherman know that the fish below are conspiring against him, after one of them tragically loses an eye to his hook.

Lapse of Time Of Mice (A Cat) and Men The Big Showdown

A boy learns about the balance of time.

Appearances are deceiving in a seemingly charming seaside resort, where bitter rivalries and foul play occur behind closed doors.

Norbert, a solitary man on the brink of insanity, embarks on a battle with a pigeon who takes refuge on his windowsill.